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Collaboration and knowledge sharing solutions that enables you in an online coaching and mentoring programm

Innovative solutions

We support individual coaches as well as entire teams and corporate mentoring programms. To get the best out of their mentoring and coaching programms.


Our toolkit includes user profile search , 1 to 1 video calling, private chat, private notes, public and private document sharing, blog function and milestone tracking to name a few.

Cloud based

Secure in the cloud and set up in a way that the platform is infinite scalable so we are ready for your growth and are making sure that you can service your customers as often as your like


Onboarding programs or coaching programms can be custom made with questionnaires which will make sure you will stay prepared for each session, and can structure your plan.

About Us

We Help Companies power their coaching and mentoring programs

We have a dedicated software development team who loves to create the newest tools for online collaboration and knowledge sharing.
this is what gets us running.

Cutting edge Software Development


Cyber Security


Coaching and Mentoring toolkit



inclusivity program

make your confidential advisors
accessible online

barrier-free accessibility by simply being available online without the barrier of having to make an appointment in the office where everyone can see you go in, will make your inclusivity program actually work!

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Most common question about our services

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What are the use cases

We build software for online collaboration and knowledge sharing. we see that it is very usefull for online coaching.

Internal knowledge sharing is key in creating an agile company

Knowledge is the cornerstone and main asset of each company, this is a fact on every level, from operations to senior management.
Distributing and making the knowledge accessible throughout the company is a problem for which many companies do not have an easy solution.
Retaining the knowledge is the second problem, especially when senior employees leave the company for retirement. Accessibility to their experience, knowhow and network within and outside the company is an insufficiently acknowledged must have.

Where do I start?

Just reach out to us, we have not seen a use case yet that we could not crack and solve.

Playground for connecting people.

Sharing Know how will give you a platform in collaboration and sharing knowledge  is the cornerstone of creating agile teams. 

our team


Wouter de Wolf

Managing Partner

As founding partner Wouter will is coaching the coaches and the driving force behind a smooth implementation with our customers.








Roelf Nienhuis

Partner and CTO

The goal was to build a highly configurable system that can be tailored to the needs of our customers and can integrate fast with existing systems of our customers. Roelf and his team have not seen a customization request yet they could not solve quickly. Please give us a challenge!

IT development


Customer centricity





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